Stress and humor

Stress and humor may sound like strange companions, however, humor can play an important role in dealing with stress. Because you can't enjoy humor and be stressed at the same time.

Stress and humor 

When you use humor to deal with stress,

  • You get immediate results. When indulging in humor, you can't accommodate stress. You can only occupy your mind with one thing at a time
  • It takes no special talent, ability, or skill
  • You don't need a master's degree, diploma, or license
  • It makes you feel good
  • It fun
  • It is cholesterol, gluten and fat-free
  • And you don't need any batteries

Here is what you need to do to humor your stress

  • At home, at work, or as a customer - don't tick off the person who has the power, or the one who can give you what want or need from them
  • At work, if having a bad day, keep it to yourself. It's entirely possible that others may have even a worse than you
  • Avoid negative people. Avoid negative situations and negative self-talk. Surround yourself with 'fun-loving' and 'positive' people
  • Give yourself permission to have fun and to laugh. It's a good feeling to release the 'child,' or the 'clown' within you
  • If you have a bee up your......about something, go to the person who can correct or resolve the issue. Don't waste time whining to people who could care less
  • When things are stressful, try to look for the humor in the situation. If you can think, or say to yourself, "Someday I'm going to laugh about this" - don't wait! Laugh about it now!
  • If you are stressed, stuffing yourself with all that is edible will only result in even greater stress when you step on the scale
  • Address your anger. Don't build a mental hairball on an issue that bothers you. Cough it up! Clamming up, silent treatment, being sarcastic, heavy sighs, dirty looks, rolling of the eyes all ere ineffective. You have to address what is bugging you, because more than likely nobody will either notice, nor care about your silent indications of being peeved off.
  • Address your stress! If your body and muscles ache from tension and anxiety, do some rolling of the shoulders, do stretch and breathing exercises. Relax with a humor video, audio, or comedy TV program
  • For those who are truly unhappy in your jobs, look for a job that is more suitable. If that is not possible, develop a hobby, play a sport, or get into an exercise program that will take your mind off your job.
  • Plan for 'relaxation' on your calendar, or electronic device. If you don't plan for it, it more than likely won't happen
  • Schedule your own humor and relaxation breaks into your daily routine. For example, taking deep breaths. It almost feels like a 'mini vacation.'

Worry and stress go together like 'bread and butter,' however, it's important to remember:

40% of worries involve things that never happen

  • 30% of worries involve things that already happened
  • 12% are needless worries about yours and other people's health
  • 10% are petty worries - like who squeezed the toothpaste in the middle, or who took the paper clips
  • 8% are real concerns
  • 50% of worries we can't change
  • 50% of the real concerns we can act on - which represents 4%

It is a proven fact that the worries of today become the laughs of tomorrow!

    Don't sweat the petty stuff - and don't pet the sweaty stuff!

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