Optimist Quiz

Answer the following questions and see whether your tendencies lean towards optimistic or pessimistic thinking. 

In each question, circle either 1 or 2 answer as the nearest response you would give in this situation.

The quiz is not scientific and is designed as a quick tool to give a general idea of your thinking process.

You can't find your wallet in the usual place:

  • You think someone pinched it                                           1
  • You ask yourself if you left it in an unusual place                2

Some of your numbers have come up on the lottery. your first 

thought is:

  • I've misheard the numbers                                               1
  • What shall I buy?                                                             2

You hear yells coming from next door. Do you think:

  • Someone is in trouble                                                       1
  • They have the TV on too loud                                            2

You see a bird flying towards an oncoming car. Do you:

  • Shut your eyes and wait for the thud                                  1
  • Wait to see how the bird takes care of itself                         2

You are arriving at the railway station two minutes before

your train is due to leave. You see your train is setting at the 

platform. Do you:

  • Run to the train                                                                 1
  • Walk to the train                                                                2

You watch the TV news about a dangerous person at

large, last seen fifty miles from where you live. Do you:

  • Decide not to go out unless you have to                               1
  • Forget about it as the risk is so small                                   2

You are driving to an important appointment in 15

minutes time when the traffic comes to a standstill one mile 

before your destination. Do you think:

  • I'd better phone to say I'm going to be late                         1
  • Relax, the traffic will move soon and if I'm late,                   2

            the'll wait for me

You have just changed your dentist, and it's the day

of your check up. The receptionist is a bit short with you when

you arrive. Do you:

  • Wish you'd never changed, this is going to be a nightmare   1
  • Assume she's having a bad day                                          2

It's Sunday afternoon and the phone starts ringing when you're

watching TV. Do you:

  • Leave it for the answer machine. It's probably                     1      telemarketer       
  • Answer it, it could be your best friend phoning for a             2    catch up 

If you marked mainly 1's

You may have a tendency to think the worst. You have low self-esteem and self-confidence. Perhaps you also find it difficult to trust in the outside world. People with a tendency for a negative mindset can be tricky to collaborate with , as they are seen as putting up barriers to solutions and being critical and difficult to please.

If you marked mainly 2's

You are generally optimistic about your life and your trust in the outside world outweighs the more negative experiences you may have. You are in some ways easier to interact with than a pessimist, but your expectations sometimes need managing. It's possible that you overlook the odd risk here and there, which may sometimes lead people to think you haven't thought things through.

If you like to learn how to become more optimistic, visit my web page 'Learn optimism.'

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