Laughter Quiz

Have some fun in finding out how you rate on your knowledge of laughter.

1.true or false The study of laughter and humor is called humorology.

2.true or false People laugh 6 times more between 2 people and 30 more times in groups than they do by themselves.

3.true or false What makes children laugh at one stage may differ at another stage in life.

4.true or false Unlike yawning, laughter is not contagious.

5.true or false Laughter doesn't provide any physical benefits.

6.true or false Adults laugh 400 times a day, while children laugh only 4 - 6 times a day.


1.false The study of laughter and humor is called gelotology.

2.true Adults and children laugh more in social interaction than by themselves.

3.true What is funny at one stage is just not funny at another.

4.true Laughter is definitely contagious, that's why they use 'laugh tracks' during TV sitcoms.

5.true Laughter has a tremendous impact on the physical part of the body. It lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, boosts the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, and releases endorphins into the body.

6.false Children have the most laughs. They average 400 laughs a day compared to 4 - 6 times a day for the average adult.

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