About Me - Gerry Hopman, BA(hon)., C.H.R.P.,C.Y.L.L.

Although I have always believed in humor and laughter, March 5, 1997, forever changed my life. On that day, our only daughter, who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, found out that she had only 3 months to live.

At the time, she had a son who was just 2 years old. When I talked to my daughter about her son, we both realized that he would never remember his mom, nor have any idea what he had in common with her.

My daughter and I decided that we would write her biography together, so that her son at least would be able to read what his mom had accomplished in life, what her friends and co-workers thought of her, and realize what unique traits and characteristics she had.

Unfortunately, before we even got started, she took a turn for the worse. I promised her that I would write the biography on her behalf. Despite the fact that I crossed many difficult hurdles in life and career, this proved to be the most difficult of all.

No matter how I tried, I could not get started and deliver on my promise. I always had thoughts that I wanted to write about humor someday, but felt I would do this much later in my life.

One day, I took my notes that I had written on humor over the years and started writing. At the same time I started on the biography. I had found the balance I needed to fulfill my promise.

I finished both, my first book 'Rev up your laugh life' and my daughter's biography at the same time. It provided both healing and closure for me.

It proved to me how powerful humor and laughter are in helping to overcome even the most difficult hurdles in life.

It also opened up a whole new career for me , writing and speaking about the therapeutic effect that humor and laughter can have in our lives.

I have have written 2 more books on the subjects and hundreds of articles for magazine and newspapers, and have been interviewed on TV, radio and podcasts.

Some of you reading this may also have had a positive experience using humor to overcome a difficult life situation. Such experiences can help others, who are at a loss on how to cope with their difficult situation.

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