Online Dating Humor

Online dating humor comes a s a result of today's dating activities on the Internet. Although the the goals are usually for serious results, the online pursuits are not short of humor.

The "Online dating humor' is not foreign to me. As a widower I entered the online dating game with a humorous state of mind reflecting my natural humor slanted personality. I adopted the ID of 'Humormeister' and started hunt for a partner with a sense of humor and other compatible interests.

Luck would have it, that I became interested and started communicating with a divorced female member whose ID was 'Fun Diamond.' Her profile did not include a picture. With a picture requested and sent, we met in a neutral location, and the rest is history. We've been happily married for 6 years.

Although there is a lot of humor and fun you can experience in online dating, Online Dating Humor is not he only thing you find online. Everyone going online to find a partner should be very careful with divulging too much initial information about themselves, particularly about finances.

Although the online dating can fun and humorous, like everywhere else in today's society there a always some people who have more devious goals in mind. Do some background checking on potential partners and make sure that they are who they say they are and can be trusted.

There are some horror stories people have experienced in the fating game. Unfortunately there are many success stories that you more that likely never heart about. After finding a partner, they drop off the Dating site(s) and live their lives.

The 'Humor' factor

If you ask someone to list the characteristics they would like to see in a potential partner, it is likely that they they will say they want someone with 'a good sense of humor.'

Humor is particularly important in Online Dating, because after the initial impression from the person'f profile and picture, they have to find out whether the 'sense of humor' factor matches up with the actual person, when they meet.

The reason males and females are attracted to a person with a 'good sense of humor,' is that humor puts people in a good feeling and positive mood.

In the initial meeting with someone, the mood the other person projects will determine whether there is any attraction beyond profile and picture.

If we get a positive feeling in the first meeting, it probably will lead to a positive evaluation of the person.

It is true that we are attracted to people who make us laugh, as they create a positive mood setting. Humor helps bring people closer together.

Males tend to prefer females who are receptive to their humor and who laugh at their jokes.

Females tend to value humor produced in a relationship as produced by the female, and not the amount of laughter produced by the male

Interesting humor data from a well established Online Dating Service

If you are making a joke, don't use the word joke. Messages with joke get 18% fewer messages.

A little sarcasm doesn't hurt. Mentioning your sarcastic sense of humor in your profile can get you up to 74% more messages.

Silliness is even better. People who mention that they are silly get up to 89% more messages.

Messages with LoL get 48% more messages.

Messages with hilarious get an unbelievable 87% more responses.

Messages with the word silly get 18% more while funny gets 11% more.

Messages with haha get 28% more messages.

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