Kids are funny

Kids are funny, and their fun is contagious! If your humor level is down, spend some time with young kids. Their enjoyment, their behavior and their dialogue are hilarious.

The last time i needed a humor boost, I visited my two-year-old granddaughter. When I stepped into the living room, she was standing in the middle of the room, stark naked, wearing her mom's high heels and summer hat, singing at the top of her voice, while at the same time applauding herself.

Now I ask you, when was the last time you did something like that? She is more fun than a summer picnic.

When does laughter start?

Babies start laughing when they are 10 - 12 weeks old, usually after a good bowel movement.

By the time that they are 4 years old, they laugh on the average 400 times a day. By the time we reach age 30, we are down to laughing 4-6 times a day. Not a good thing!

Kids are funny  experiences I want to share with you.

Observant I was driving with my 3 young children on a warm summer day, when a woman seated in a convertible drove up next to us. She stood up and waved. She was stark naked!

As I was trying to recover from shock, I heard my 5 year-old shout from the back seat, "Mom, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!"

Knows his name One of our 2 1/2 year-old grandsons wandered off by himself a lot and had to be told over and over by his mom who would call him by his full name "Jordan Ryan Stewart" come here!

When our daughter wanted to impress her friends how well her son know his name, she was in for a surprise.

When she asked him what his name was, he replied, "Jordan Ryan Stewart Come Here."

Too smart Trying to teach our 2 year-old grandson the numbers, I asked him what comes after 10. Without a blink of an eye, he replied, "All the rest of the numbers."

Professional help Grandma had taken her 3 year-old grandson to her chiropractor session. A week later, after Grandma had played hockey with him in the basement, she told him that she had to sit down, because her back was bothering her.

He promptly replied, "you lay down grandma and I'll be the pirocracker!"

Learned behavior Our 3 year-old daughter, when things did not quite go the way she thought they should ,she would pack her barbie doll case, along with a pair of panties, pajamas and some barbie dolls.

She would walk out the back door with the statement that she was leaving. After walking about 2 house lengths, she would come back and say to her mom, "Okay, I'll give you one more chance.

Some things come back to haunt you Our 3 year-old grandson could not break the habit of sucking his thumb. Our daughter-in-law told him that if he didn't stop sucking his thumb, he would get fat.

Two weeks later, our daughter-in-law had some of her riends over for a visit. Our grandson pointed to an obviously pregnant lady and said, "Ah, I know what you've been doing!"

Solution ready Our 6 year-old granddaughter told us they won't take her 4 year-old brother to church again unless they install seatbelts in the pews.

Totally alert Our 4 year-old grandson just started to learn to tell the time on the clock. When asked, after eating supper, what time it was, he replied,"Time for dessert!"

Observant Our 4 year-old granddaughter visited her mom in the hospitaL when her brother was born. Noticing how her mom's stomach was swollen , she said, "Mom, I think the baby left his toys behind in your tummy."

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