Smile Power

Smile power is not recognized for the physical and mental effects that can be created with a simple smile. It cam often soften physical and emotional pain.

A smile can calm anxiety, stress and insecurity. It can transform your face and project your image to the world. Smiles multiply - "Smile and the world smiles with you!"

Smiles release endorphins in your brain, which send 'good feel' messages throughout the body.They release a chemical reaction, which sends good feelings throughout the body.

These endorphins can actually reduce physical, or emotional pain and are comparable to the chemical known as morphine.

The power of a smile is connected to your mood. If you generate a smile, it more than likely will shift the mood you're in, including positively affecting your enengy level

Smile Power can be shared, because smiles are contagious, so that you can pass the smile benefits to others.

Smile Power facts to remind us how effective smiles are

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. So also does a smile convey more emotion than words can
  • Smiling makes others feel welcome, special and appreciated
  • A smile boosts your immune system and physical health as it makes your body more relaxed
  • Forcing a smile can boost your mood
  • A smile has the power of melting away insecurities and troubles people may have
  • Smiles relieve stress as your body immediately releases endorphins when you smile
  • While hand shakes, hugs, and bows all have varying meanings across cultures, smiling is known around the world and in all cultures as a sign of happiness and acceptance
  • People can recognize smiles from up to 300 feet away, making it the most recognizable facial expression
  • A research study conducted by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup
  • 72% of people think of those who smile frequently as more confident and successful
  • 86% of people say that they are more likely to strike up a conversation with strangers if they are smiling
  • Bosses are 12% more likely to promote people who smile a lot
  • Research shows that 65% of communication is non-verbal (many claim an even higher percentage)
  • Non-verbal communication comprises facial expressions, eye movement, gestures, posture, and all other bodily signs - primarily facial expressions
  • The effects are so powerful that even a smile on the telephone produces positive results
  • When someone comes into a room, people are automatically drawn to their face, and a smile provides a warm greeting
  • Studies show that happiness is a by-product of smiling, not the other way around as most people assume
  • Research shows that when two people in conversation use the same kind of body movements and gestures (such as smiling), they will experience greater empathy for each other, which they may not even consciously notice

Smile Research and Innovation

Ron Gutman, founder and CEO of interactive health company Health Tap, reviewed a number of scientific studies on smiling. In 2010, Wayne State University did a study on 1950 baseball cards. They found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as 2000 chocolate bars.

Researchers found that smiling can reduce the level of mood enhancing hormones and reduce blood pressure.

Harvey R. Ball, co-owner of a public relations firm created the first 'Smiley' in 1963 to help improve the morale of employees in their recently merged insurance company.

Today, we find 'smileys' everywhere. People use smiley symbols in their emails, and other communications.

In 1999, Harvey R. Ball initiated the first 'World Smile,'the first Friday in October. The slogan for this event is "Do an act of kindness - Help one person smile."

Harvey Ball died in 2001, but his 'smiley' lives on. In honor of his name and memory "the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation" was created. The official site can be found at

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