Welcome to the 9th Humormeister's Forum edition

When I look around me, I find that too many things are on the decline these days. Decline is not just found in the Stock Market. For quite some time now I have observed that happiness, humor and laughter have seriously declined.

Never before in history have we seen such expression of violence and decline of happiness in people.

It is now common to find bullying in schools., bullying on the Internet, and in some cases retaliation of the bullying by means of guns and knives, which at times has resulted in multiple deaths.

Safety on the road is not just watching your own driving, and keeping an eye on the other drivers. Today, we have to contend with 'road rage,' in some cases resulting in death of the innocent.

Rage in the workplace is also on the rise. When people get upset with a supervisor's decision, or with co-workers, some people are bent on immediate revenge, resulting at times in devastating and deadly results.

Internationally, we now have to contend with global terrorism where multiple numbers of innocent people are targeted for death along with destruction of property.

Studies have concluded that laughter is down 66% worldwide of what it was in the 1950's. We need to lighten up! We can take our job and responsibilities seriously, but we certainly can, and should take ourselves more lightly.

I don't have all the answers either, but I like to leave you with some suggestions on how to view nad react to life in a lighter way:

- Life may not be fair, but it beats the alternative

- Life is too short to spend your energy hating anyone

- Don't worry - be happy. Most worries tend to be for nothing.

- If everyone threw their problems in a basket and you saw everybody else's, more than likely you would take yours back

- Don't compare life with the Jones' - You have no idea what their problems are

- Take a deep breath once in a while - it's like a mini vacation

- Life should be lived - not endured

- Learn to forgive and forget - you become the winner

- Nothing is forever - learn to adapt to change