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The Humormeister's Forum, Issue #00061
November 30, 2012

Welcome to the 61st Humormeister's Forum edition

Instead of the usual newsletter format, I decided to provide some tips on how to deal with stress and pressures around the holiday season.

For many people the holiday season can be stressful, struggling through a sea of people in crowded malls and stores, attending pre-season get-togethers at work, with friends and neighbors.

And of course, we can't forget the monetary stress. it causes us to be overwhelmed and stressed out before, during and after the holidays.

The holiday season should be a time of happiness, fun and enjoyment. An opportunity to spend time with, and enjoy family and friends. A time to extend our love and generosity to family, friends and those in need.

Many of us lose the spirit of the holidays in the rush, pressures and stresses before we can experience and enjoy the holiday season.

By using good coping skills, you can help yourself through these stressful times, enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, both in preparation and celebration.

Following are some tips to help you better cope with holiday stress.

Plan, Organize, Manage Develop a budget and write out your planned expenditures. Stay within your planned budget. You'll save a lot of grief later. Manage you time, so that you don't get stressed because of timelines.

Be Positive - Stay Positive Choose to be positive. When overwhelmed with stress, pressures and commitments, focus on the things you love and enjoy.

Humor and Laughter Maintain your humor! Tune into humorous TV programs. Similar to exercise, humor and laughter release endorphins and leave you feeling good. See the humor in things around you. Laugh your stress away!

Deep Breathing When feeling stressed, overwhelmed, waiting in line, stuck in traffic, or dealing with a difficult situation, take a couple of deep breaths. You'll be amazed hows it immediately relaxes you. It's like experiencing a mini vacation.

Exercise When stressed, go for a walk, use your exercise equipment, go to the gym. Like humor and laughter, exercise releases endorphins that lift your spirit and provide you with an energy boost.

Appreciate what you have Think of all the wonderful things you enjoy, family, friends, your health....All of us have a lot of things to be thankful for.

Learn to relax Listen to soothing music, light some aromatic candles, take a scented bubble bath.

Share the Load Allow and encourage family members to share preparations and tasks. Make it a team effort and have some fun!

Be generous Help those in need by volunteering your services, putting food and clothing care packages together. Donate to some of your favorite charities. It has been proven that there is more satisfaction in giving than in receiving.

Keep Smiling Smile and most people will smile back at you. A smile on your face will keep you in a happy frame of mind.

Don't sweat the Petty Things Forget perfection! To strive for perfection can ruin your holiday season. Pursuing perfection only causes stress.

Learn to say 'no' You always ask a busy person to do things, because everyone knows it will get done. The busy person finds it difficult to say no. To avoid stress, you have to learn to say no. You may have to stand in front of the mirror to practice until you're confident that you can do it. People will understand if you tell them that your load is already heavy enough.

In closing, I wish you and yours warmest wishes for a wonderful, happy, and stress-free Holiday Season!

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