Welcome to the 6th Humormeister's Forum edition

Many of us get stuck in a rut. Life is not always as exciting as we would like it to be. However, we all have the ability to do something about it.

We can resign ourselves to continue to stay in a rut, being bored, lacking fun and excitement, or we can decide to do something about it.

You don't have to join 'Humor Anonymous' to adopt humor and laughter into your life

You can create your own 12 step program:

It's okay to be silly when things get too serious - sometimes nonsense make the best sense

Surround yourself with 'positive and 'fun' people

Don't restrict your reading, listening, or viewing to 'bad news' only

In your leisure time opt for comedy TV shows, fun videos etc.

Take a cue from children - they are our greatest sources of humor

Don't shut out humor because you think it's a waste of time and may make you look immature

Use humor and laughter for stress release and relaxation

When depressed, or in a down mood - call a 'humor buddy'

Collect humor material - create your own humor library

Schedule 'fun' into your life - if you don't, it won't happen

Keep fun items around you - fun toys, cartoons, posters, etc.

If you can't laugh - smile! If you can't smile - fake it! Nobody can tell the difference

Do you have a humorous story, or experience you would like to share? Let us know, we would like to help you share it with others.