Welcome to the 42nd Humormeister's Forum edition

March 21st brought us the start of Spring. After experiencing a long drawn-out Winter, it was wonderful to notice the birds come back from their migration.

Spring is a happy period, as it brings us new life to trees, flowers, new-born animals, and the prospect of Summer with all the joyous events that come with the Summer season.

Happiness motivational quote of the month

"I can only think of one thing greater than being happy and that is to help another to be happy too." - Jim Thomson

Humor/Laughter quote

"Laughter is the sun that drives Winter away from the human face." - Victor Hugo

The 1 Minute Laugh

Because they had no reservations at a busy restaurant, my elderly neighbor and his wife were told by the owener that there would be a 45 minute wait for a table.

"Young man, we're both 90 years old," the husband said. "We may not have 45 minutes."

They were seated imediately.

Humor from our richest 'Humor Resource'......our kids

Two brothers were having a sleepover at their grandparents. Before going to bed, they said their prayers.

Kevin, the youngest of the two started hollering out the prayers at the top of his lungs........"and I pray for: a new bike, a new playstation and a new puppy."

The older brother gave Kevin a nudge and asked, "Why are you hollering?" he asked, "God isn't deaf!"

"I know," Kevin said, "But Grandma is!"

Feature of the month

How to be happier in life

Live in the 'now'. Live in, and enjoy the 'moment.' People tend to postpone the things that would provide them with happiness in the present.

Don't postpone! Live in the 'moment,' live in the 'now,' and enjoy what you can. Some things that you can enjoy now, may not be repeated and will pass you by if you don't grasp onto them and give3 yourself over to enjoying that time frame in your life.

In addition to the happy feelings you will experience, there are other side effects to being happy in the 'now.'

Happy people are more successful and enjoy what they are doing. They enjoy stronger relationships. They get sick less often. They lead more optimistic lives and they bounce back more readily from their bad experiences.

The happiest people have well-defined goals. Goals that are based on desires and interests. The pursuit, realization and fulfillment of the goals bring joy and nurture the feelings of indepence, self-confidence and accomplishment.

Happy people are apt to exercise, as they realize that the release of endorphins and serotonins help them to feel happier and less stressed.

Happy people nurture relationships and schedule time for their loved ones, famuily and friends.

Happy people are more curious says Todd Kashdan, PhD, associate professor of psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, author of 'Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredients to a fulfilling life.'

He says, "When we are open to new experiences and relish the unknown. positive events linger and we extract more pleasure and meaning from them."

"Curious people also report having more satisfying relationships, and they develop new connections more easily."

Look for something new. When talking with someone, try and find some novel things about them.

Spread kindness. Do a good deed, show a kind smile. Kindness begets kindness. You will see your happiness grow. Give someone a hug and receive a hug in return.

Count you blessings. There are many people who are more than likely less fortunate and blessed than you.

Reconnect to a higher power. It has been proven that people who do so have an easier time coping with life's difficulties.

Boost your happiness with positive self-talk. Substitute your "I should...."I could......, "I have to...., "I must....., with "I want to ....., "I choose to....., "I will......., "I can......!

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