Welcome to the 4th Humormeister's Forum edition

With the readily availability of computers and the Internet, many people are getting jokes off the Internet from family and friends.

From personal experience and feedback at my Humor presentations, I have found that that you may get a good chuckle from those jokes, however, the real laughter comes from interaction directly with others.

A recent study showed that we laugh 6 times more in the presence of one person and 30 times more in the company of a group of people.

Unfortunately the interaction with others is diminishing, as most people get their humor from TV sitcoms. In other words, we rely on TV instead of ourselves to bring humor into our lives.

The feature article this month is: "How to be happy"

We all strive for happiness in our own ways. Many think they can find it in knowledge/education, marriage, children and the social and financial status we achieve in life.

There are many theories on the subject, but most will agree that enjoyable relationships, a good work environment,and self-growth and fullfillment provide happiness in life.

In most of our lives, it is the little things that give us happiness on a regular basis. Things like family life and get-togethers with family and friends.

When we stop and think, we all have many things we can be happy and thankful for.

Happiness is never a constant and everlasting experience. We all have our ups and downs. However, happy people can see past the 'downs' and still experience some degree of happiness.

Some people project their happiness goals into the future. When the kids leave the house, we'll be happy. When I retire, we'll really start living and be happy.

There is a lot of living before such events. Don't project your happiness into the future. Live every moment. Life is now, live it to the fullest.

You must choose your own path towards happiness. And although there are no precise formulas for happiness, a positive attitude, an optimistic view of life and an appreciation of the small enjoyments that come our way will be helpful to anyone in the pursuit of happiness.

Do you have a humerous story, or experience you would like to share? Let us know, we would like to help you share it with others.