Welcome to the 32nd Humormeister's Forum edition

August 16th is 'Joke Day.'Have a joke contest as to who can come up with the best joke on that day. Come up with a unique and funny prize for the winner.

Laughter motivational quote of the month

'Happy is the person who knows what to remember of the past, what to enjoy in the present, and what to plan for the future.' - Author unknown

Humor/Laughter quote

'Age wrinkles the skin, but lack of humor and laughter wrinkles the soul.' - Gerry Hopman

The 1 Minute Laugh

One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot. The next year he didn't buy her a gift.

When she asked him why, he replied, "Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year!"

And that's how the fight started!

Humor from our richest 'Humor Resource'......our kids A little 6 year-old girl runs out in the backyard where her dad is working and says, "Daddy, what is sex?"

Completely caught off guard and shaken by the question, he starts babbling about the birds and the bees. Then he looks at her bewildered expression and decides the best option is to tell her the truth.

He sits her down, and tells her about conception, sperm, and eggs. He goes on to tell her about puberty and menstruation, and he thinks, 'what the heck,' and goes on to tell her the works.

He tells her about orgasms, masturbation, and even gets a book inside and shows her a picture of the male and female genitalia.

By the time he is finished, his daughter is completely awestruck and overwhelmed with this bizarre new knowledge and information.

Her dad finally asks, "So what did you want to know about sex for?" To which the girl replies, "Oh mommy said to tell you lunch would be ready in a couple of secs."

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feature of the month

Creating and multiplying happiness

When you smile at someone, the person will smile back, except perhaps for some of the grouches. You do this with everyone you meet, soon more people will be smiling.

Smiling and laughing are contagious. A research study done at Harvard Medical School, University of California, San Diego found that happiness spreads amongst people up to three degrees removed from one another.

What this indicates is if you are happy, your friend and your friend's friend will be happier as a result of the initial happiness you shared.

Realizing that someone is happy makes you 15% more likely to be happy yourself. Research also found that people who have more social connections lead happier lives.

Happiness is influenced by the personalities we are born with and can be nurtured in how we take care of ourselves. In other words, everyone can increase his/her happiness if he/she knows how to look for it, work at it, and take hold of it.

As you become more engaged with other people and activities, the level of joy tends to increase. To increase and maintain happiness in your life - set goals!

The happiest people have clear, concise and purposeful goals. Goals that stem from your own individual desires and interests are the ones to pursue.

It is the pursuit of the goal and not the goal itself that brings about joy and feeds the feelings of independence, self-confidence, accomplishment, and happy fulfillment.

If you lose your zest for laughter - you lose your zest for life!

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