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The Humormeister's Forum, Issue #000120
September 30, 2017
Welcome to the 'Humormeister's Forum

Welcome to the 120th Humormeister's Forum edition

Laughter brings people closer together and creates harmony. It's an especially powerful tool for managing conflict and reducing tension.

Humor can facilitate smoothing over disagreements, lower stress levels and build up relationships rather than break them down.

Funny quotes

Lighten up! This is the only life you've got - Gerry Hopman

Happiness quote

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be - Abraham Lincoln

The 1 Minute laugh

As a child therapist, I was working with a preschooler on body-part identification. I had him use PlayDoh to make a sculpture of me.

"Is that my neck?" I asked. "No," was the reply, "That's your other chin!"

Kids are funny!

One Sunday, a young child was acting up during the church worship service. The parents did their best to control the child and keep him quiet, but were obviously losing the battle.

Finally the father picked up the child and with great annoyance walked down the aisle on his way out of the church.

Just before reaching the foyer, the little guy realizing what was coming hollered loudly so everyone could hear. "Pray for me! - Pray for me!"

Why worry?

Worry and stress go together like bread and butter, however, it is important to remember:

40% of worries involve things that never happen

30% of worries involve things that already happened

12% are needless worries about ours and others health

10% are petty worries - like who squeezed the tooth past tube in the middle

8% are real worries

50% of 'real worries' we cannot change

50% of 'real worries' we can act on - which represents 4% of all our worries

If you loose your zest for laughter - you loose your zest for life!

Life is good when laughter is frequent!

  • We need to socialize more!
  • We need to generate more humor and laughter in our lives!
  • We have to enjoy life instead of enduring it!

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"If you lose your zest for laughter - you lose your zest for life!"

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