Welcome to the 10th Humormeister's Forum edition

The 'Holiday Season' can be stressful for many people. This year additional stressors have been heaped upon us by the effects of the depression, which has now spread all across the world.

Stress not only puts a damper on the 'Holiday Season' atmosphere, it also comes paired with serous concerns what it may do to one's health.

It is therefor of extreme importance to deal with stress in the most effective way, which no doubt in my mind is humor and laughter.

Humor is the greatest stress reliever, because humor makes us feel good. In addition, it comes at no cost. You don't have to buy and wear ridiculous looking Spandex outfits. You don't need to join a gym, or health club. And humor is readily available to each and everyone of us at any time.

Let me illustrate with a little exercise how you can't feel good and be stressed at the same time.

- move your right foot clockwise in front of you on the floor

- at the same time, make the number 6 in the air in front of you

Impossible right?

It is the same with humor and stress - you can't have fun and be stressed at the same time. So how do you create fun?

- get together with fun-loving friends

- watch funny movies, videos, comedy TV shows

- listen to humorous cd's, or audio cassettes

- read a funny book

- look at funny pictures, or pictures that bring back fun memories

Mentally put yourself in the mind of your favorite comedian e.g. Robin Williams. How would he deal with your stress situation?

Instead of aggravation, see the humor in the event/situation.

Keep your mind open to the child, the clown within you. Don't be afraid to do something silly.

In closing, may your Christmas be filled with humor and laughter, and may the 'fun spirit' stay with you throughout the coming year!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!