Humor and Sex

Humor and sex are not incompatible. This was aptly illustrated by TV and sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer began her career as a Sex Therapist at the age of 50. She was able to address a hereto 'taboo subject' with a sense of humor, and helpful advice on how to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Her philosophy on how to achieve a happy and balanced life was to have a a happy sex life. As she related in an interview, "I certainly believe inn the need for sexuality education. I do believe that it has to be taught based on scientifically validated data, and it has to be taught with some kind of humor."

Her 15 minute show that aired after midnight on a New York City radio station provided the public with exactly that - sex advice with a humorous slant.

When was the last time you laughed during sex? A healthy sex life should have some humor in it. There are times for serious lovemaking of course, but there is something to be said about a couple that is able to let lighten up and have some fun once in a while.

Life is far too serious for most of us and this may provide the ideal setting to introduce some fun into what many view as a routine that one has to put up with.

We are all children at heart and some playfulness and fun adventuring may be just what the doctor ordered. The extent of playfulness and adventure are only limited by your own imagination.

I recently overheard a conversation of some teenage girls. One commented that her parents still had sex. Aw yuck, the other teenagers exclaimed. Then she said that she had overheard her parents saying that her grandparents still had sex. This resulted in the other girls commenting 'that is absolutely gross!'

According to them life would be over at 40. I like to think that we are only as old as we think we are. Just because there is snow on the roof does not mean that there can't be fire in the fireplace!

Life doesn't end at middle age, as a matter of fact many claim it gets better. Most older couples don't let a few aches and pains slow them, down.

This is where a sense of humor really comes into play. When we laugh about our own inadequacies, it only helps to strengthen the relationship bond and appreciation of one another.